East Africa 2009

Photographs taken during a trip to Tanzania and Kenya in September 2009.

During this period we visited the Ruaha National Park staying with Chris Fox at Mwagusi Camp. We then flew up to Nairobi and across to Rekero Camp in the Masai Mara to be with Jackson Looseyia and Gerard and Rainee Beaton. Finally, we went across to Peponi Hotel at Shella on Lamu Island to stay with Lars and Carol Korschen.

It was great to see old friends and to make new ones. Mwagusi is a fantastic camp with great ambiance and we saw much more game than we expected. Ruaha is well worth a visit.

Rekero was as fantastic as ever. Jackson and Gerard were both on good form and we enjoyed their company. The photographs tell their own story!

As for Peponi... We first stayed there nearly 30 years ago when Lars was just a teenager. It almost felt like going home. And the fishing was good - two sailfish caught, tagged and released, three others hooked and escaped. We were particularly pleased to be in Shella for the celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan. A high point was the dhow race of which we got some good photographs. Have a look see.

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